We take pride in our work.

D. Sahd – November 29, 2011:

First, I would like to once again thank you guys for an experience second to none. Having been in the building industry myself, for 25 years, this venture had to be the smoothest transition ever.
To all of you reading this review, I would urge you to stay tuned as it will help answer a few concerns you might have and explain a bit of the process.

I had contacted four other pool builders and after several months of interviews and weighing pros and cons of gunite vs. fiberglass, this design over that and finally who seemed more trustworthy, I decided that I was the best man for the job. I started pricing all the various materials and labor costs to ensure I got what I wanted. While I was busy with costs, my wife suggested I call DeMeo Custom Pools and Spas because a friend of hers was getting ready to use them and suggested we give them a shot. I politely suggested to my wife that they would not even come close from a cost perspective, let alone what I wanted. Long story short, and with my wife’s persuasiveness, I made the call to Brent Nipper.

Brent arrived on time for our scheduled meeting and allowed me to “air” my opinions on the pool business and my “so far” experience in the industry. Finally, he asked me what I would like from him and so began our journey. I had an idea in my head as to what I wanted. He took notes, and after an hour or so, we finally wrapped up our meeting with Brent, asking if tomorrow evening would be soon enough for his proposal. True to his word, he delivered his proposal and it beat all expectations.

The next week we started laying out the pool and a day later the build began. I have taken a lot of pictures and video and some are included for you to see.

The digging was done in a day (Saturday), the rebar was done in a day (Monday) and the plumbing and electrical in a week. These guys knew there jobs. There was never a time that I felt uneasy or that they had used inferior products and shortcuts. I will let the pictures do the talking. The gunite was done a day after the plumbing. This is where DeMeo was really great to work with, as they allowed me to make changes to my steps and bench, as things look different in real life. The result was stunning. The curing process took a week with me watering the shell twice daily. DeMeo then came back and started the coping (Oklahoma flagstone), and the bar chairs and table, followed by installing drains and rebar for the concrete which was stained and stamped. Brent was onsite almost every day and fielded my unquenchable questions with the utmost patience. We have become close friends through this process, by the way. The final stage was plaster, and after Brent showing us other pools to help decide the color, we settled for medium gray. The plastering was done in a few hours and the hose followed almost immediately. 22 hours later, we had a pool that was full and ready to be cleaned due to plaster dust. Brent arrived two hours later and spent the day and better part of the evening showing me the ropes regarding the pump and filter and helping me get a grip on things. When he came over he also brought a brush, pool cleaner, and all the chemicals I needed to get me up and away. After two more days, we had an addition to our house that reflected a million dollars, and was ready for use. We got to swim hard for nearly two months and my kids still jump in for the coldest competition title.

Brent has since been over numerous times and I was taken aback the last time as they decided to change out my pool cleaner for one more suited for the leaves.

The moral of this story is that there is way too much to pool building as one might think and I urge anyone out there thinking that they will do a better job to take a deep breath and really investigate everything properly. There are many combinations of different pumps, filters, cleaners and returns that need to be finely tuned in order for your pool to satisfy your needs in a cost effective way that only experience can offer. In dealing with DeMeo, you will experience absolute satisfaction in their contact with you, delivering everything as per contract and sometimes extra as per their standard, getting every question that you could possible think of answered and their suggestions that will help enhance your pool. As George Zimmer of Men’s Wearhouse says, “I Guarantee it.”