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Jim DeMeo

Jim DeMeo

Jim has been designing and building custom swimming pools and spas in Southern California for many years and now he is bringing the same personal expertise to Texas!

Jim DeMeo is not only owner of the company, but also the salesman, onsite supervisor, technician, consultant – you name it. He wears all the hats! Jim is there from start to finish. When you have a question, when a subcontractor is there, or an inspector is on the job, Jim will be there too. There are times when questions arise, changes need to be made, ideas come up to be discussed and possibly implemented, that can be dealt with immediately. Superior customer service is what he continually strives for – to answer any questions or concerns, and to alleviate any issues or problems from developing that can cause delays, etc. He is there for you, the customer, throughout the entire process of your project.

Jim consults with owners, real estate agents, etc. on a variety of issues, such as:

  • Can you customize the design of a pool with my ideas?
  • How long will it take to build a pool?
  • My deck is old and faded, can it be redone?
  • Does this pool need to be re-plastered?
  • Do I have a chemical imbalance?
  • Am I able to add a spa to, or remodel, my existing pool?
  • I have a pool that is half finished – can you help?
  • My tile looks terrible – do I need to retile, or can it be cleaned?
  • This pool has been sitting for months due to a foreclosure – what will it take to get it functioning?

Jim prides himself on giving straightforward honest answers and assessments – which ulitmately helps you, the customer. Communication is key – most issues or problems can be alleviated by direct communication. Jim will communicate with you every step of the way!

Jim receives lots of work through referrals – a true sign of success!

Whether you have a question, are interested in a new or remodeled pool and/or spa, waterfall, or customized backyard – Jim can help you. There is absolutely no pressure – it is a very big investment, and he wants to make sure you are a satisified customer – whether or not you hire him.

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